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Mega FAQ (Or: Please come here for your questions first)

Qbundle Guide (Step by step setup & Bootstrap)
1( I want to mine or activate My account. Where do find the multiple coins?
You only need 1, an outgoing transaction or reward reassignment will set the public key. Get them from:
Or (Faucet list) (if this is empty, come back later)
2( I bought coins on Bittrex and want to move to my new wallet, but can't. Why?
Bittrex will only send to accounts with a public key (not a Burst requirement) so see number 1 and either set the name on the account (IF you will not mine) or set the reward recipient to the pool. Either action will enable the account and allow for transfers from Bittrex.
3( I sent coins from Poloniex/anywhere to Bittrex and they don’t show up after a considerable time. Why?
You need to set an unencrypted message on the transaction, informing Bittrex which account to send the funds to (this is in the directions on Bittrex). Did you do this? Contact Bittrex support with all the details and eventually you will get your funds.
4( How much can I make on Burst?
Gives you an average over time assuming a few things like: Average luck/100% uptime/no overlapping/fees on pool/good plot scan time (<20 seconds) if you do not have all of these, you may not see that number.
5( If I use SSD’s would I make more money?
No, it’s 95% capacity and 5% scan time that determine success. More plot area = better deadlines = better chance of forging a block, or better rates from a pool.
6( What is ‘solo’ and ‘pool’ (wasn’t his name Chewbacca?)
Solo is where you attempt to ‘forge’ (mine) a block by yourself; you get 100% of the block reward and fees. But you only receive funds if you forge, no burst for coming in second place.
Pools allow a group of miners to ‘pool’ together their resources and when a miner wins, they give the pool the winnings (this is done by the reward assignment you completed earlier), it is then divided according to different percentages and methods and burst is sent out according to pool rules (minimum pay-out, time, etc.)
7( I have been mining for 2 days and my wallet doesn’t show any Burst WHY?
Mining solo: it is win-or-lose, nothing in between, and wining is luck and plot size. Pool mining: because it costs 1 burst to send burst, the pools have either a time requirement (every X days) or a minimum amount (100 burst +) so you need to research your pool. Some pools allow for you to set the limit (cryptoGuru and similar) to be met before sending
8( How do I see what I have pending?
On CryptoGuru, based pools, it’s the ‘Pending (burst)’ column, other pools, look for the numbers next to your burst ID. One is Paid and the other pending.
9( I’m part of a pool and I forged a block, but I didn’t recieve the total value of the block, why?
A pool has 2 basic numbers that denote the pay-out method, in the format ‘XX-XX’ (i.e. 50-50) The first number is the % paid to the block forger (miner) and the second is the retained value, which is paid to historic ‘shares’ (or, past blocks that the pool didn’t win, but had a miner that was ‘close’ to winning with a good submitted deadline)
Examples of pools:
0-100 (good for <40TB)
20-80 (30-80TB)
50-50 (60-200TB)
80-20 (150-250)
100-0 (solo mine, 150+ TB)
Please note that there is an overlap as this is personal preference and just guidance; a higher historical share value means a smoother pay-out regime, which some people prefer. If fees are not factored in, or are the same on different pools, the pay-out value will be the same over a long enough period.
10( Is XXX model of hard drive good? Which one do you recommend?
CHEAP is best. If you have 2 new hard drives, both covered by warranty, get the one with the lowest cost per TB (expressed as $/TB , calculated by dividing the cost by the number of terabytes) because plot size is KING,
11( How many drives can I have on my machine?
For best performance, you can have up to 2 drives per thread (3 on a new fast AVX2 CPU). So that quad-core core-2-quad can have up to 8 drives, but a more modern i7 with 4 cores + hyper threading can squeeze 8 * 3 or 24 drives. (Performance while scanning will suffer)
12( Can I game while I mine?
Some people have done so, but you cannot have the ‘maximum’ number of drives and play games generally.
13( Can I mine Burst and GPU mine other coins?
Yes, if you CPU Mine Burst.
14( I’m GPU plotting Burst and GPU mining another coin, my plots are being corrupted, why?
My advice is dedicating a GPU to either mining or plotting, don’t try to do both.
15( What is a ‘plot’?
A plot is a file that contains Hashes, these hashes are used to mine burst. A plot is tied to an account, but they can be created (with the same account ID) on other machines and connected back to your miner(s).
16( Where can I trade/buy/sell Burst?
A list of exchanges is maintained on (on the right, ‘Exchanges’ tab) the biggest at the moment are Bittrex and Poloniex, some offer direct Fiat-to-Burst purchase ( for example)
17( Do I have to store my Burst off the exchange?
No, but it’s safer from hackers who target exchanges, if you cannot guarantee the safety or security of your home computer from Trojans etc, then it might be best to leave on an exchange (but enable 2FA security on your account PLEASE!)
18( What security measures can I take to keep my coin safe?
When you create an account, sign out and back in to your wallet (to make sure you have copied the pass phrase correctly) and keep multiple copies of the key (at least one physically printed or written down and in a safe place, better in 2 places) do not disclose the passphrase to anyone. Finally use either a local wallet or a trusted web wallet (please research before using any web wallet)
19( How can I help Burst?
Run a wallet, which will act as a node (or if you’re a programmer, contact the Dev team Bring attention to burst (without ‘shilling’ or trying to get people to buy) And help translate into your local language
Be a productive member of the community and contribute experience and knowledge if you can, or help others get into Burst.
20( Will I get coins on the fork(s) and where will they be?
There will be no new coin, and no new coins to be given/air dropped etc, the forks are upgrades to burst and there will not be a ‘classic’ or ‘new’ burst.
21( Will I need to move my Burst off of the exchange for the fork?
No, your transactions are on the block chain, which will be used on the fork, they will be visible after the move; nothing will need to be done on your side.
22( Where can I read about the progress of Burst and news in general on the community?
There is no finer place than
23( What are the communities for Burst and the central website?
Main website:
Reddit: and
Getburst forum:
Official Facebook channel:
(these are the forums that are known to be supporting the current Dev Team)
Other ways to talk to the community:
Telegram (General):
Telegram (Mining):
24( When will Burst partner up with a company?
Burst is a currency, the USD does not ‘partner up’ with a company, the DEV team will not partner up and give over to special interests.
25( Why is the DEV team anonymous?
They prefer anonymity, as it allows them to work without constant scrutiny and questions unless they wish to engage, plus the aim is for Burst to become a major contender, and this brings issues with security. They will work and produce results, they owe you nothing and if you cannot see the vision they provide then please do not ‘invest’ for short term gain.
26( When moon/Lambo/$100/make me rich?
My crystal ball is still broken, come back to the FAQ later for answer (seriously, this is a coin to hold, if you want to day-trade, good luck to you)
27( How can I better educate myself and learn about Dymaxion?
Read about the Dymaxion here:
28( My reads are slow, why?
There are many reasons for this, if your computer has a decent spec it’s likely due to USB3 hub issues, or plugging into a USB2 hub, but other reasons can be multiple plots in the same folder, but it’s best to visit the mining subreddit. They can help more than an simple FAQ
29( I have a great idea for Burst (not proof of stake related)?
Awesome! Please discuss with the DEV team on discord
(Please be aware that this is a public forum, you need to find who to ask/tell)
30( I have a great idea for Burst (Proof of stake related)?
No. if you want a POS, find a POS coin. On the tangle which is being implemented a POS/POW/POC coin can be created, but BURST will always be POC mined. You are welcome to implement a proof of stake coin on this!
31( Will the Dev team burn any coins?
Burst is not an ICO, so any coins will need to be bought to be burnt. You are welcome to donate, but the DEV team have no intention of burning any coins, or increasing the coin cap.
32( When will there be an IOS wallet?
IOS wallet is completed; we are waiting for it to go on the app store. Apple is the delaying factor.
33( Why do overlapping plots matter?
Plots are like collections of lottery tickets (and if only one ticket could win). Having 2 copies is not useful, and it means that you have less coverage of ‘all’ the possible numbers. It’s not good, avoid.
34( My local wallet used to run, I synchronised it before and now it says ‘stopped’. when I start it, it stops after a few seconds, what should I do?
I suggest that you change the database type to portable MariaDB (on Qbundle, at the top, ‘Database’ select, ‘change database’) and then re-import the database from scratch (see 35)
35( Synchronising the block chain is slow and I have the patience of a goldfish. What can I do?
On Qbundle , ‘Database’ select ‘Bootstrap chain’ and make sure the CryptoGuru repository is selected, then ‘start Import’ this will download and quickly stuff the local database (I suggest Portable MariaDB, see 34) (lol, loop)
36( What will the block reward be next month/will the block rewards run out in 6 months? Rewards will carry on into 2026, but transaction fees will be a bigger % by then, and so profitable mining will continue.
37( How can I get started with Burst (wallet/mining/everything) and I need it in a video Watch and be enlightened.
38( Can I mine on multiple machines with the same account?
Yes, if you want to pool mine this can be done (but be prepared for small issues like reported size being incorrect. Just be sure to keep question 33 in mind.)
39( Why do some of my drives take forever to plot?
Most likely they are SMR drives, it’s best to plot onto another SSD and then move the finished plot/part of a plot across to the SMR drive as this is much quicker. SMR drives are fine on the read, just random writes that are terrible.
So plot an SMR drive quickly, plot to a non SMR or better still SSD drive, in as big a chunk as possible (fewer files better) and move. a version of Xplotter, called Splotter, can do this easily.
40( I have a great idea; why not get listed on more exchanges!!
Exchanges list coins because of 2 reasons:
  1. Clients email and REQUESTING Burst and provide details like:
  2. The coin pays (often A LOT, seriously we’ve been asked for 50 BTC)
I suggest you speak with your exchange and ask ‘when will they offer Burst?’
41( Do you have a roadmap?
42( Why is the price of Burst going up/down/sideways/looping through time?
The price of burst is still quite dependent upon Bitcoin, meaning that if Bitcoin gains, the value of Burst gains, if Bitcoin drops then Burst also drops. If there is news for Burst then we will see something independent of Bitcoin moving. Variations can be because of people buying in bulk or selling in bulk. There are also ‘pump and dump’ schemes that we detest, that can cause spikes in price that have nothing to do with news or Bitcoin, just sad people taking advantage of others.
43( Where is the best place to go with my mining questions?
44( What hardware do you advise me to buy, is this computer good?
See question 43 for specific questions on hardware, it depends on so many variables. The ‘best’ in my opinion is a 36 bay Supermicro storage server, usually they have dual 6-core CPU’s and space for 36 drives. No USB cables, plotting and mining monster, anything else, DYOR.
45( Where do you buy your hard drives?
I have bought most from EBay in job lots, and some refurbished drives with short warranties. Everything else I have bought, from Amazon.
46( Can I mine on my Google drive/cloud based storage?
In short: no. If you want to try, and get to maybe 1 TB and then find that your local connection isn’t fast enough, or that shortly after, your account is blocked for various reasons. Please be my guest.
47( Can I mine on my NAS?
Some you can mine with the NAS (if it can run the miner, it can scan locally) but generally they’re not very fast. good for maybe 16 TB? Having a plot on a NAS and mining from another computer depends on the network speed between the NAS and scanning computer. I believe you can scan about 8 TB (maybe a bit more) and keep the scan times to within acceptable, but YMMV.
48( How can I set up a node?
No need to set up a node, just set up a wallet (version 2.0.4) or Qbundle (2.2) and it will do the rest
49( Are the passphrases secured?
I’ll leave the effort to a few people to show how secure a 12-word passphrase is: Key point: brute forcing it will be around 13,537,856,339,904,134,474,012,675,034 years.
50( I logged into my account (maybe with a different burst ID) and see no balance!!
I have dealt with this very issue multiple times, and there are only 3 options:
  1. You have typed in the password incorrectly
  2. You have copy-pasted the password incorrectly
  3. You are trying to log into a ‘local wallet’ which the block chain has not finished updating
The last one generally leaves the burst ID the same, but old balances will show. No, this is not a security problem, and yes, windows loves to add spaces after the phrase you enter when copied, and that space is important in getting to your account.
51( Are there channels for my language?
(there are others, please contact me to put up)
52( I am mining in a pool, and it says that my effective capacity is lower than I actually have, why?
  1. If you've not been mining for >48 hours, or just added additional capacity, it will take time.
  2. The value fluctuates (normally, +-5% but can be up to 10% at times)
  3. Read on the ‘Quick info’ tab about adjusting your deadline to compensate for changes i. revisit once a month for best results
  4. If you have overlapping plots it will also be lower so be aware of this (see question 33)
53( What pool should I join?
First of all, read question 9, after you have understood that it depends on the size (and how patient you are) select from the following list:
54( What miner to use?
I use Blago’s miner, there are many out there but Blago’s works for me on CPU mining, it can be found in Qbundle.
55( What Wallet to use (I use windows)?
Qbundle: guide:
56( What Wallet to use (Linux)? for Debian and Ubuntu, for Mac. read:
57( Will i need to 'replot' after POC2 (second fork) happens?
No, there will be a tool which will optimise, but it is not CPU intensive (it basically re-shuffles your plot) and is just IO intensive. You do not need to replot.
TurboPlotter and are tools that will/can be used to actuate optimization, but PLEASE wait with optimization until after the hard fork.
58( Will the transaction fee always be 1 burst?
No, dynamic fees are coming in the next fork.
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64 Suggestions to Supplement Income (collected from the internet and shared)

EDIT Miscount! There are 59 suggestions.
  1. Freelance work (1099) - writing for magazines, design work, online blogs, newspapers, and handing out samples. Check out, craigslist, for one-off offers. check out your favorite magazine and see if you have anything to contribute.
  2. Plant maintenance/pet sitting for people going on vacation. Make sure to charge the going rate.
  3. Offer to clean homes-scrub bathrooms/vacuum for neighbors and friends.
  4. Tutor children or adults using library, student home, or school library (a degree is helpful)
  5. Teach a language at an adult school (again, need degree)
  6. Internet Research - companies will pay a few pennies for each subject of research. this can be done in spare time.
  7. Offer to iron clothes for local shops for a couple of bucks per bundle.
  8. Offer to Run errands for others for an affordable rate. sign up for and CL
  9. Substitute at kid's school (only works if one has an degree/clean background)
  10. Teach at a local community college (must have a degree)
  11. Use a unique ability or skill to craft and sell things on etsy or ebay. OR teach others that skill for $.
  12. Are you a positive person that influences others to achieve things? Become a life coach for others. You become someone's positive life cheerleadeguidance counselor without a license.
  13. Become a green consultant - offer to review homes and make suggestions to lessen bills and 'go green'.
  14. If you have a garden - Offer fresh garden herbs and veggies to local places.
  15. Have an eye for antiques or valuables? Scout garage sales and estate auctions and sell the precious metal items back to a reputable cash-for-gold jewelry store.
  16. Tech Savvy? Set up computers, home theater systems, or wireless networking system for others for an hourly or flat rate.
  17. After 6-12 months offer maintenance for the systems previously set-up.
  18. Solicit to change formats of media - VHS to DVD, CD to MP3, scan old photos to a CD/flashdrive.
  19. Get paid to shop (mystery shoppers do exist, but avoid ones that make you sign up for something or pay up front costs)
  20. Good at looking up stuff? Offer to do family history research and create a scrapbook for interested parties who want to know more about their past.
  21. Are you talented in the kitchen? Make and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or pastries -then package and solicit to local small businesses like Delis or Coffee houses. Requires health and safety protocol be followed.
  22. Make jams and jellies and sell at a local market, to friends and family, or over the internet.
  23. Babysit - not only babysit but offer to babysit when day care center won't, like nights, last minute, and weekends. It helps to be CP1st aid certified.
  24. Have a sewing machine? Offer to sew small errors (missing buttons, small tears) for local clothing stores and dry cleaners, and do alterations.
  25. Walk dogs or be a pet sitter when people are out of town for a few days.
  26. Photography - sell photographs to stock photo websites and earn income on the royalties. It would be a dollar per download, which adds up if the photos are popular! Piggybacking on this idea - real estate photography is a thing that pays if you're good at it.
  27. Sell book collections, CD collections, Comic collections, toys saved from childhood that are in mint/great condition through dealers/online.
  28. Search circulating coinage for rare pieces and sell to coin dealers.
  29. Enter local and online sweepstakes.
  30. Work odd hours or have free time on weekends? Participate in focus groups.
  31. Sell anything not needed on ebay (I hate craigslist, but that's an option too)
  32. Do small HITs in spare time on AmazonMechanicalTurk. Its a few cents for a few clicks.
  33. Offer to re-write ads for business on a commission of the sale or for an affordable rate. This requires some designing/advertising and soliciting of multiple businesses via email.
  34. Sell plasma, hair, sperm or eggs. (must meet guidelines). See TressTrader or for hair. See for selling plasma, or for selling sperm. Private businesses buy female eggs but they have strict requirements for donors.
  35. Play an instrument? Solicit to play in church that does not have volunteers or at special events.
  36. Collect aluminum cans from home/offices and trade in for cash
  37. Collect and fix up older computers and resell at fraction of the cost.
  38. Look for odd jobs on Craiglist
  39. Have a garage sale every month or join a flea market. You pick up new items just drive around nice neighborhoods to pick up items left out on trash day and resell them for a few bucks.
  40. Put stuff on Consignment (clothes and accessories, etc that aren't easily sold online). When it sells, they pay you.
  41. Write blog entries or product reviews for a consumer website
  42. Design t-shirts and other materials online. Many “you design it” sites give a small earning.
  43. Become a referee for local sports - hours are at nights and on weekends, so it wont interrupt the day job.
  44. Rent/Sell ad space on car (get a car wrap on it with local business paying for it). This one is difficult because so many of us are out there and some companies rip us off with website fees.
  45. Resell unused giftcards - is one of many sites out there.
  46. Solicit and fix up crappy websites for local businesses. $99 per page for a basic website plus annual hosting fees and flat-rate maintenance are common rates.
  47. Ask for a raise/promotion/more hours, or get a better paying job. You only get what you ask for in life. If you’re not employed, I’m sorry bro. I am too.
  48. CPlifeguard certified? Teach swim lessons/ be a lifeguard.
  49. Buy a few bulk packages of bottled water and sell under the radar at big events where there are lots of people (and long lines for water). Also works for umbrellas when it rains.
  50. Drive people to the airport for a flat rate.
  51. Know how to DJ? Join a local DJ's team and work the wedding circuit on his/her behalf.
  52. Be a ticket broker (no special permit required) - if you have access to purchase the tickets and below face value, then you can use or craiglist to re-sell the tickets for a profit.
  53. Rent out a room in your place. Remember to check references and have a legal contract in place. Safety comes first.
  54. Paint Street Numbers – With just a few paint and stencil supplies you could walk the neighborhoods with curbs and solicit your curb number painting services.
  55. Become a consultant in your expert area. You will need a business license. is a quick way to get that going.
  56. Pick up a paper route - weekly papers are easiest.
  57. Purchase mining servers and harvest the bitcoins. Don't ask me how that shit works. My friend makes a decent profit off of 4 running in his home.
  58. This one I don't like so much - pick up free items on freecycle or CL, spruce them up and sell for a profit. I would beware of picking up too many items at once. Nobody needs to be a junkyard hoarder.
  59. delivery driver. Pizza, flowers, documents.
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