Bitcoin mining leaves some speculators in a hole

100 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin is the most censorship resistant money in the world.
  2. You don't have to buy a “whole” bitcoin so don't freak out if you look at the price. You can buy a piece of one no problem.
  3. The Dallas Mavericks accept Bitcoin on their website. You don't trust Mark Cuban. He's the best shark.
  4. Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last decade (better than S&P500).
  5. Diversify your current portfolio.
  6. It's not illegal in the USA.
  7. You holding just one satoshi slightly limits the supply and can rise the price for everyone else.
  8. [In late 2019] hash rate is the highest it has ever been
  9. Suicide insurance; if Bitcoin rises in price there is no worse feeling than regret.
  10. Some of the smartest people in computer science and cryptography are working on it. Trust nerds.
  11. Look at the all time historical chart. No technical analysis just tell me what you think when you look at it.
  12. Money is a belief system... and I want to believe.
  13. Transparent ledger, no funny business going on it's easy to audit.
  14. Elon Musk appears to be a fan. How's that for an appeal to authority
  15. There is a fixed limit in the number of bitcoins that will exist. 21 million bitcoin, 7 billion people on earth. Do the math.
  16. There are so many examples of governments inflating their currency to the point where it becomes unusable. Read the wikipedia page for Venezuela or Zimbabwe.
  17. Altcoins make sacrifices in either security or centralization. There are altcoins out there that claim to be innovating but just check the scoreboard nothing has flipped Bitcoin in market value or even gotten close.
  18. With technology developing at a rate faster than law, governments and for-profit businesses have the ability to monitor our purchases, location, our habits, and all of this has happened without consent. People made jokes and conspiracy theory, but sometimes conspiracy is real. Most people are good, but there is absolutely evil out there. There are absolutely evil people in positions of power. There are absolutely evil people that work together in positions of power. Does anyone actually believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Go read about Leslie Wexner. Go read the cypherpunk manifesto.
  19. The upcoming halvening in 2020 will reduce the number of Bitcoin created in each block, making them more scarce, and if history repeats more valuable.
  20. Bitcoin has lower fees than traditional banking.
  21. Gold has the advantage of being a physical thing. But unlike gold you know Bitcoin is not forged, or mixed with another metal, and you can easily break it into tiny pieces and send it over the internet to someone.
  22. Bitcoin could spark new interests maybe you start to read more into economics, computer science, or Brock Pierce.
  23. Bitcoin has survived with no leader, marketing team, public relations, or legal team.
  24. Because Wired magazine said Bitcoin was dead at $2, Forbes said it was dead at $15, NY Times at $208, and CNN at $333.
  25. Just do a cost benefit analysis. What happens if Bitcoin fails and it goes to zero vs. what happens if it succeeds, and becomes world money.
  26. Bitcoin encourages long term thinking, planning, saving. Due to inflation we are punished by holding on to cash. Look up the statistics on the average savings account while we are bombarded with consumerist bullshit like Funko pop heads, Loot crate subscription services, and new syrup flavors for coffee. Currently we are encouraged to spend now, seek immediate gratification, and ignore what we are becoming as Amazon picks out our clothes and toothpaste ships it to the house and we sit and watch streaming services where content is pushed to us and I'm supposed to buy that this garbage is actually “trending”. Our lives have become so comfortable that idiots spend $60 to escape a room and have someone take your picture when you get out. What would our ancestors think.
  27. Maybe you're a day trader looking to use a trading bot in an unregulated market.
  28. Bitcoin has 7 letters in it. Lucky number 7.....
  29. Bitcoin promises to bank the unbanked, and provide services to those not otherwise “qualified” to open a bank account.
  30. It's just cool, don't you want to seem smart to all your friends.
  31. The origin story is so nuts there's going to be a movie or several movies about the early days of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto remains anonymous to this day. Imagine if the inventor of the cell phone was anonymous.
  32. If you have money to burn, don't buy soda, weed, or some girls private snapchat it's a dead end put it towards Bitcoin and give it to your child in the future.
  33. To avoid getting ripped off by foreign exchange fees just because you were born one place and your friends were born in another place.
  34. Can't live off the grid in your log cabin and still use Mastercard. Bitcoin is one piece of opting out.
  35. If one country adopts BTC as the national currency, it doesn't take much thought to realise that others will follow.
  36. Join a welcoming and unique community. Everyone is super nice because they want your money.
  37. You can stick it to the baby boomers.
  38. You can stick it to the vegans.
  39. You can stick it Roger Ver.
  40. Maybe your IQ is 70 and you'll do whatever CNBC Fast Money recommends.
  41. Maybe a hacker infects your computer, records you doing that thing, and threatens to release the tape if you do not pay them 1.5 Bitcoin.
  42. You're a risk taker looking for some risky investment.
  43. Aliens attack like Independence Day, blow up major cities in major countries, your money is still safe with Bitcoin. As long as there is a some guy, some person, living on an island with a copy of the ledger out there on your'e good. We're all good.
  44. Many proposals to scale the number of transactions, may the best plan win.
  45. One day you might have to use BTC to pay taxes, buy food, and charge your Tesla.
  46. You want to support a political group and remain private.
  47. You can trust math more than you can trust people to set an emission rate.
  48. Government don't know how much you have.
  49. The first response to Bitcoin being published by Hal Finney stated that Bitcoin was positioned to reach million dollar valuation. Hal was the first bull and passed away in 2014, missing a lot #doitforHal.
  50. Baddies can't freeze your money if they mad at you.
  51. The Big Bang Theory mentioned it, maybe you want to be like Sheldon the bazinga guy.
  52. Mid-life crisis.
  53. Be contrarian. In a world where everyone zigs it's sometimes good to zag.
  54. Don't have any hobbies, and you just need a reason to get up in the morning.
  55. Enjoy learning? Bitcoin is a topic where there is so much to learn, and so much development, that it really becomes a never ending journey. For someone who likes learning, it's more productive than speedrunning a video game.
  56. Yolo. You only live once. This isn't a dress rehearsal, if there's something your kind of interested in pursue it. That's true for anything not just Bitcoin. But if you're reading this I'm assuming you're interested.
  57. Bitcoin is not a ponzi scheme. The difference is Bitcoin does not need new people buying in to work, blocks being added will continue even if the community stopped growing.
  58. With religion on the decline maybe you want to join a cult. Crypto twitter is a great echo chamber to meet like minded people.
  59. Satoshi Nakamoto found a way to distribute a global currency in a fair way with the ability to adjust the mining difficulty as we go, it's really incredible. You still need computers and electricity to mine new bitcoin today but it's an extremely fair way for people to earn. There was no premine of Bitcoin. Everyone who has Bitcoin either bought it at what the market said, or they earned it.
  60. No CEO in charge of Bitcoin to make bad decisions or a board of directors that can make changes. The users, an ever growing number, are in charge.
  61. Bitcoin has no days off, it has no workers in charge who can get sick or take a holiday.
  62. Bitcoin has survived 10 years (and more). While there will always be dangers, I'd argue that those first few years it was most vulnerable to fail.
  63. Have some trust in the cypherpunks. Anyone who held and didn't sell bitcoin as it went from pennies to five figures is not looking to get rich. They want to change the world.
  64. Potential president Tulsi Gabbard disclosed owning some.
  65. Digital money is the future, anyone who has tried Venmo can see that. Well Bitcoin is a digitally native asset.
  66. Refugees can use Bitcoin to store their wealth as they flee a failing country.
  67. Bitcoin is an open source project. Anthony Pompliano likes to call it a virus but I like how the author of the Bitcoin Standard describes it. Bitcoin is like a song. As long as one person remembers it you can't destroy a song.
  68. Triple entry accounting. When humans first started recording who owes who what we had single-entry accounting. The king's little brother would keep everything written down, but we had to really trust this guy because he could simply erase a line and that money would be gone. When double-entry accounting started to spread 500 years ago it brought with it massive innovation. Businesses could now form relationships across the ocean as they each kept a record. We did not have innovation again until Satoshi's Bitcoin, where blockchain can be used as the neutral third party to keep record. It might not sound important but blockchain allows us to agree upon an objective reality.
  69. Bitcoin is non-political.
  70. Bitcoin is easy to accept. I mean kind of. It's certainly easier than setting up a bank account.
  71. A sandwich used to cost 10 cents in America, I walk into Subway and they don't even have $5 foot longs anymore. Inflation man..
  72. It's a peaceful protest.
  73. Critics say that mining wastes electricity, but if Bitcoin adoption continues the world will actually be incentivized to produce more renewable energy. There are so many waterfalls and sources of energy in the middle of nowhere right now. People might not see a reason to build a power plant over there now, but in the future it can make business sense. Take that waterfall mine bitcoin, and sell them to the people who can't mine. It allows for a business to sell their energy anywhere.
  74. Get into debates around Bitcoin, build those critical thinking skills.
  75. “Predicting rain doesn't count, building arks does”
  76. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”
  77. "I never considered for one second having anything to do with it. I detested it the moment it was raised. It’s just disgusting. Bitcoin is noxious poison.”
  78. The immaculate conception. No cryptocurrency can have a start the grassroots way Bitcoin did, it's just impossible given how the space has changed.
  79. There are more than 1000x more U.S. dollars today than there were a hundred years ago.
  80. Bitcoin is the largest transfer of wealth this decade from the least curious to the curious.
  81. The concept of the Star Wars Cantina, Galt's Gulch, or young Beat Generation kids sitting in a basement smoking cigarettes and questioning the world can only exist if money remains fungible.
  82. You can send money to your Dad even if he lives in a country run by bad boys.
  83. Memorize your key, and walk around the world carrying your money in your head.
  84. Free speech.
  86. The Federal Reserve is objectively way too powerful.
  87. John Mcafe promised that if bitcoins were not valued at 1 million dollars by the end of 2020 he would eat his own penis on national television. It will be a sad day if we don't hit that 1 million.
  88. The Apple credit card.
  89. If we ever get artificial intelligence it'll be able to interact with Bitcoin.
  90. Katy Perry is aware of crypto so if by some chance you run into her, you get one chance to strike up conversation, so here's your chance to shine. You don't ask for a picture, you don't say she's pretty, or name your favorite song. Take your shot and ask about what type of cold storage she uses for her bitcoin.
  91. Many people are afraid of a world currency because it's associated with a centralized world power taking control. Bitcoin allows for neutral world money.
  92. Stick it to Mark Zuckerberg.
  93. Developers developers developers developers developer developers.
  94. About 85% of the supply has already been mined.
  95. Bitcoin can always improve. As long as the proposal is really good the code can be upgraded, and if the baddies invent ways to hurt the chain we can just fork off it's just code.
  96. Memes
  97. Name recognition and momentum above all other cryptocurrencies.
  98. 3% discount with Bitcoin at Crescent Tide Cremation Services. Nice cant wait to die.
  99. Like having a swiss bank account in your pocket.
  100. Blow up the banks (in minecraft).
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MeWe: A trip report

Among the more frequently mentioned G+ alternatives at the Google+ Mass Migration community, and others, is MeWe with over 250 mentions. The site bills itself as "The Next-Gen Social Network" and the "anti-Facebook": "No Ads, No Political Bias, No Spyware. NO BS. It is headed by professed Libertarian CEO Mark Weinstein.
As the site reveals no public user-generated content to non-members, it's necessary to create an account in order to get a full impression. I thought I'd provide an overview based on recent explorations.
This report leads of with background on the company, though readers may find the report and analysis of specific groups on the site of interest.


Founder & CEO Mark Weinstein.
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Jonathan Wolfe (no longer with company).
Weinstein previously founded SuperFamily and SuperFriends, "at the turn of the millennium". Weinstein's MeWe biography lists articles published by The Mirror (UK), Huffington Post, USA Today, InfoSecurity Magazine, Dark Reading, and the Nation. His media appearances include MarketWatch, PBS, Fox News, and CNN. He's also the author of several personal-success books.
His Crunchbase bio is a repeat of the MeWe content.

Advisory Board

Ownership & Investment

MeWe is the dba of Sgrouples, a private for-profit early-stage venture company based in Los Angeles, though with a Mountain View HQ and mailing address, 11-50 employees, with $10m in funding over five rounds, and a $20m valuation as of 2016.
Sgrouples, Inc., dba MeWe Trust & Safety - Legal Policy c/o Fenwick West 801 California Street Mountain View, CA 94041
Crunchbase Profile.
Founded: 2012 (source)
Secured $1.2M in seed funding in 2014.
2016 valuation: $20m (source]
Despite the business address, the company claims to be based in Los Angeles County, California and is described by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a Culver City, CA, company.



In an August 6, 2018 Twitter post, Weinstein promotes MeWe writing:
Do you have friends still on Facebook? Share this link with them about Facebook wanting their banking information - tell them to move to MeWe now! No Ads. No Spyware. No Political Agenda. No Bias Algorithms. No Shadow Banning. No Facial Recognition.
MeWe provide several policy-related links on the site:
Highlights of these follow.


The privacy policy addresses:

Terms of Service

The ToS addresses:
Effective: November 6, 2018.


The FAQ addresses:


This emphasises that people are social cratures and private people by right. The service offers the power of self expression under an umbrella of safety. It notes that our innermost thoughts require privacy.
Under "We aspire...":
MeWe is here to empower and enrich your world. We challenge the status quo by making privacy, respect, and safety the foundations of an innovatively designed, easy-to-use social experience.
Totalling 182 words.

Privacy Bill of Rights

A ten-item statement of principles (possibly inspired by another document, it might appear):
  1. You own your personal information & content. It is explicitly not ours.
  2. You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think that's creepy.
  3. You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family & groups. We do not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your content or what you see.
  4. Permissions & privacy are your rights. You control them.
  5. You control who can access your content.
  6. You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.
  7. Your privacy means we do not share your personal information with anyone.
  8. Your emojis are for you and your friends. We do not monitor or mine your data.
  9. Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.
  10. You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.


There are a few mentions of MeWe in the press, some listed on the company's website, others via web search.

Self-reported articles

The following articles are linked directly from MeWe's Press page:
The page also lists a "Privacy Revolution Required Reading" list of 20 articles all addressing Facebook privacy gaffes in the mainstream press (Wired, TechCrunch, Fortune, Gizmodo, The Guardian, etc.).
There are further self-reported mentions in several of the company's PR releases over the years.

Other mentions

A DuckDuckGo search produces several other press mentions, including:


This section is a basic rundown of the user-visible site technology.

Mobile Web

The site is not natively accessible from a mobile Web browser as it is overlayed with a promotion for the mobile application instead. Selecting "Desktop View" in most mobile browsers should allow browser-based access.

Mobile App

There are both Android and iOS apps for MeWe. I've used neither of these, though the App store entries note:
Crunchbase cites 209,220 mobile downloads over the past 30 days (via Apptopia), an 80.78% monthly growth rate, from Google Play.

Desktop Web

Either selecting "View Desktop" or navigating with a Desktop browser to your are presented with a registration screen, with the "About", "Privacy Bill of Rights", "MeWe Challenge", and a language selector across the top of the page. Information requested are first and last name, phone or email, and a password. Pseudonymous identities are permitted, though this isn't noted on the login screen. Returning members can use the "Member Log In" button.
The uMatrix Firefox extension reveals no third-party content: all page elements are served from,,, or (In subsequent browsing, you may find third-party plugins from, for example, YouTube, for videos, or Giphy, for animated GIFs.)
The web front-end is nginx. The site uses SSL v3, issued by DigiCert Inc. to Sgrouples, Inc.


The onboarding experience is stark. There is no default content presented. A set of unidentified icons spans the top of the screen, these turn out to be Home, Chats, Groups, Pages, and Events. New users have to, somehow, find groups or people to connect with, and there's little guidance as to how to do this.


Generally there is a three panel view, with left- and right-hand sidebars of largely navigational or status information, and a central panel with main content. There are also pop-up elements for chats, an omnipresent feature of the site.
Controls display labels on some devices and/or resolutions. Controls do not provide tooltips for navigational aid.


Among the touted features of MeWe are:


A key aspect of any social network is its community. Some of the available or ascertained information on this follows.


Weinstein claims a "million+ following inside" on Twitter.
The largest visible groups appear to have a maximum of around 15,000 members , for "Awesome gifs". "Clean Comedy" rates 13,350, and the largest open political groups, 11,000+ members.
This compares to Google+ which has a staggering, though Android-registrations-inflated 3.3 billion profiles, and 7.9 million communities, though the largest of these come in at under 10 million members. It's likely that MeWe's membership is on the whole more more active than Google+'s, where generally-visible posting activity was limited to just over 9% of all profiles, and the active user base was well under 1% of the total nominal population.

Active Users

MeWe do not publish active users (e.g., MUA / monthly active users) statistics.


MeWe is principally a group-oriented discussion site -- interactions take place either between individuals or within group contexts. Virtually all discovery is group-oriented. The selection and dynamics of groups on the site will likely strongly affect user experience, so exploring the available groups and their characteristics is of interest.
"MeWe has over 60,000 open groups" according to its FAQ.
The Open groups -- visible to any registered MeWe user, though not to the general public Web -- are browsable, though sections and topics must be expanded to view the contents: an overview isn't immediately accessible. We provide a taste here.
A selection of ten featured topics spans the top of the browser. As I view these, they are:
Specific groups may appear in multiple categories.
The top Groups within these topics have, variously, 15,482, 7,738, 15,482 (dupe), 7,745, 8,223, 8,220, 1,713, 9,527, 2,716, and 1,516 members. Listings scroll at length -- the Music topic has 234 Groups, ranging in size from 5 to 5,738 members, with a median of 59, mean of 311.4, and a 90%ile of 743.5.
Below this is a grid of topics, 122 in all, ranging from Activism to Wellness, and including among them. A selected sample of these topics, with top groups listed members in (parens), follows:
To be clear: whilst I've not included every topic, I've sampled a majority of them above, and listed not an arbitrary selection, but the top few Groups under each topic.

Google+ Groups

The Google Plus expats group seems the most active of these by far.

Political Groups

It's curious that MeWe make a specific point in their FAQ that:
At MeWe we have absolutely no political agenda and we have a very straightforward Terms of Service. MeWe is for all law-abiding people everywhere in the world, regardless of political, ethnic, religious, sexual, and other preferences.
There are 403 political groups on MeWe. I won't list them all here, but the first 100 or so give a pretty clear idea of flavour. Again, membership is in (parentheses). Note that half the total political Groups memberships are in the first 21 groups listed here, the first 6 are 25% of the total.
  1. Donald J. Trump 2016 - Present (11486)
  2. The Conservative's Hangout (8345)
  3. Qanon Follow The White Rabbit (5600)
  4. Drain The Swamp (4978)
  5. Libertarians (4528)
  6. United We Stand Trump2020 (4216)
  7. The Right To Self Defense (3757)
  8. Alternative Media (3711)
  9. Hardcore Conservative Patriots for Trump (3192)
  10. Bastket Of Deplorables4Trump! (3032)
  11. Return of the Republic (2509)
  12. Infowars Chat Room Unofficial (2159)
  13. Donald Trump Our President 2017-2025 (2033)
  14. Berners for Progress (1963)
  15. Sean Hannity Fans (1901)
  16. The American Conservative (1839)
  17. I Am The NRA (1704)
  18. Tucker Carlson Fox News (1645)
  19. We Love Donald Trump (1611)
  20. MAGA - Make America Great Again (1512)
  21. Q (1396)
  22. (1384)
  23. news from the front (1337)
  24. Basket of Deplorables (1317)
  25. Payton's Park Bench (1283)
  26. Convention of States (1282)
  27. Britons For Brexit (1186)
  28. MoJo 5.0 Radio (1180)
  29. MeWe Free Press (1119)
  30. The Constitutionally Elite (1110)
  31. Libertarian (1097)
  34. #WalkAway Campaign (894)
  35. ALEX JONES (877)
  36. The Lion Is Awake ! (854)
  37. We Support Donald Trump! (810)
  38. The Stratosphere Lounge (789)
  40. Official Tea Party USA (749)
  41. Mojo50 Jackholes (739)
  42. Yes Scotland (697)
  44. Judge Jeanine Pirro Fans (671)
  45. Anarcho-Capitalism (658)
  46. Ted Cruz for President (650)
  47. No Lapdog Media (647)
  48. Q Chatter (647)
  49. Daily Brexit (636)
  50. Tucker Carlson Fox News (601)
  51. The Trumps Storm Group (600)
  52. QAnon-Patriots WWG1WGA (598)
  53. 100% American (569)
  54. Ladies For Donald Trump (566)
  55. Deep State (560)
  56. In the Name of Liberty (557)
  57. Material Planet (555)
  58. WikiUnderground (555)
  59. Trump NRA Free Speech Patriots on MeWe etc (546)
  60. Magna Carta Group (520)
  61. Constitutional Conservatives (506)
  62. Question Everything (503)
  63. Conspiracy Research (500)
  64. Bill O'Reilly Fans (481)
  65. Conservative Misfit's (479)
  66. Canadian politics (478)
  67. Anarchism (464)
  69. Deplorable (450)
  70. Tampa Bay Trump Club (445)
  71. UK Politics (430)
  72. Bongino Fan Page (429)
  73. Radical Conservatives (429)
  75. The Deplorables (409)
  76. America's Freedom Fighters (401)
  77. Politically Incorrect & Proud (399)
  79. Political satire (383)
  80. RISE OF THE RIGHT (371)
  81. UK Sovereignty,Independence,Democracy -Everlasting (366)
  82. The Patriots Voting Coalition (359)
  83. End The Insanity (349)
  84. Coming American Civil War! (345)
  85. Constitutional Conservatives (343)
  86. United Nations Watch (342)
  87. A Revival Of The Critical Thinking Union (337)
  88. The New Libertarian (335)
  89. Libertarian Party (official ) (333)
  90. DDS United (Duterte Die-hard Supporters) (332)
  91. American Conservative Veterans (331)
  92. Anarchism/Agorism/Voluntaryism (328)
  93. America Needs Donald Trump (326)
  94. The UKIP Debating Society (321)
  95. Coalition For Trump (310)
  96. Egalitarianism (306)
  98. 2nd Amendment (287)
  99. Never Forget #SethRich (286)
  100. Green Party Supporters 2020 (283)
It seems there is relatively little representation from the left wing, or even the centre, of the political spectrum. A case-insensitive match for "liberal" turns up:
Mainstream political parties are little represented, though again, the balance seems skewed searching on "(democrat|republic|gop)":
The terms "left" and "right" provide a few matches, not all strictly political-axis aligned:
Socialism and Communism also warrant a few mentions:
And there are some references to green, laboulabor parties:


Whilst there may not be a political agenda, there does appear to be at least a slight political bias to the site. And a distinctive skew on many other topical subjects.
Those seeking new homes online may wish to take this into account.


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Beginner's Guide to Exchanges - Part 2

Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges – Part 2

A little late, but as promised here is Part 2 of the Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and feedback in making these.
Link to Part 1
This time I also made a Google Docs survey in the hopes of sharing the results with the community. I thought we could share what we use as a whole and why redditors choose the exchanges they do. For skeptics (as you all should be), I assure you that I am not collecting personal information. This is for recreation and if you are still wary, then by all means abstain!
Link to Survey
In Part 3 I will be wrapping up this series by covering decentralized, semi-decentralized, and derivative exchanges. Here it goes!

00 – Concepts and Definitions (Continued)

04 – Fiat Exchanges – Canada


Country Linked Bank Transfer Wire Transfer Paypal Credit/Debit Crypto Transfer
CAD Deposit 1%/ Withdraw Free Free Free (Withdraw Only) 1% (Withdraw Only) Free
USD - Free Free (Withdraw Only) - Free
Exchange Type Maker Taker
Fiat .5% .5%
BTC/ETH .2% .2%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator or Email 2FA Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Web Security 3rd Party Security provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Expired $50 bounties
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info Credit Score Limits
Basic Account X X Digital only, Limits Vary
Verified Account X X X X X X Limits Vary

05 – Fiat Exchanges – Europe


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Crypto Transfer
Europe 3.5%+ €0.24 Deposit €0 / Withdraw €25 (SEPA €10) Free
Russia 5% + ₽ 15.57 - -
UK 3.5%+ £0.20 Deposit £0 / Withdraw £20 (SEPA Free
US 3.5%+ $0.25 Deposit $0 / Withdraw $50 Deposit $0 / Withdraw 1%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies 0% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Credit Card Data Overseen by 3rd Party Kyte Consultants
Web Security SSL Certificates and Encrypted Personal Data
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address ID + Photo Bank Info KYC Limits
Basic Account X X X Digital only
Verified Account X X X X X X $10,000 Daily/$100,000 Monthly


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Paypal
Europe - SEPA - Deposit .5% / Withdraw 1% (€100 min) -
Russia 6% 6% -
US 7% Deposit .5% ($20 min) / Withdraw 1% ($100 min) 7%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies .20% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Password Expiration Must be changed every 6 months
DDoS Protection 3rd Party Security Services provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Yes at xBTCe
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Verified User X X X X X No Stated Limits

Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Digital Currencies 0.1% .25%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Bug Bounty Reported bounty posted on HackerOne (unconfirmed)

06 – Fiat Exchanges – South Korea

안녕하세요 여러분! 혹시 우리 한국인 친구 이 보고서를 한국어로 읽고 싶어한다면 알려주세요. 관심이 많이 있다면 간단한 한국어 보고서도 만들 수 있습니다. This year, ETH has taken off like a rocket in the Land of the Morning Calm. With a population of just 50 million, South Koreans account for almost 30% of daily ETH trade volume. Even more surprising is that currently the daily volume of ETH is about 5 times higher than that of Bitcoin on Korean exchanges. Since demand is high, ETH is trading at a premium on Korean exchanges. Some users have been talking about capitalizing off this imbalance by trading on arbitrage between exchanges. For those who have no connection to Korea and hope to do so, I have bad news – all Korean exchanges require a National ID number and access to a Korean bank account. This makes Korean exchanges virtually closed to Korean nationals and those with long-term visas. Sorry everyone.




07 – Fiat Exchanges – China

With a great deal of anticipation, major Chinese exchanges started trading ETH this summer. Since these exchanges deal huge volumes of Bitcoin already, naturally it was expected that they invest heavily into ETH as well. So far this hasn’t quite lived up to the hype with many exchanges still favoring Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, and even Ethereum Classic (Gulp). Three of these exchanges underwent inspections by the Peoples Bank of China earlier this year and will be working closely with the government to ease fears of money laundering and market manipulation. There are a lot of Chinese sites, and since my Chinese is non-existent this list is basically just for name recognition. In many ways these sites are very similar in regards to security, verification, and fees compared to their western counterparts; just marketed at a different audience and currency. If users are seriously interested in these exchanges and making reviews, please contribute or ask!

OK Coin




08 – Coinswaps & Cryto-converters



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Kaizen Ico : Interview with Fund Manager

Nearly a fourth of its way to completion. I took a moment to catch up with the Fund Manager for the ongoing Kaizen ICO.
The Kaizen Coin Ico has begun and the cryptokage wanted to know more! Emailing the newly appointed fund manager we discussed the project and learned a little bit about the man behind the coin, Lawrence Fischer.
Originally in an advisory position for the ICO, the thirty-nine (39) year old financial adviser was asked to take over as fund manager amidst changes by the SEC, (DAO tokens became recognized as unregulated securities). When asked about the change in team he responded;
"One problem we have had is the SEC. As all 3 people listed have securities careers up until recently the recent rulings by the SEC basically have scared a lot of people in our sector."
When confronted by the lack of team information on the website he half-jokingly yet poignantly remarked;
" I personally hate social media. I do not have a twitter (outside of the Kaizen one), I have never had the need for a LinkdIn account as I have been working for myself in crypto trading for the last several years. I honestly don't see the need to have my personal life on a pedestal. I am a boring financial guy that sits for 15 hours a day staring at 4 monitors looking for signs of life in a coin."
Understanding his attitude helps to explain the whitepaper which has been criticized as short and bland.
"I actually wish more whitepapers got rid of all the marketing crap and just made the whitepapers about 2 pages. Basically give me the highlights. Kaizen Coin is basically a collection of crypto currency and it pays a dividend in ethereum each quarter. That's all I would have put in the whitepaper. "
I asked him how he got into crypto;
"I got into crypto how a lot of people did, through a friend. Only mine paid a $50 bet he lost with me in 5,000 bitcoin. The terms of the deal were $50, not $50 in bitcoin that I couldn't see, touch, feel. I basically had to take his word on it that it was worth anything at all, and I seriously considered suing his ass. There was no coinbase or Gemini for me to withdraw to fiat. Because it was a low dollar amount, I gave up after a few hours trying to get to it. I later sold it for $500,000. That gave me some financial independence but not enough to go off of for life. It also taught me that there is something to this crypto thing and to be honest, I was a bit embarrassed for not having seen it. I began immersing myself in bitcoin and altcoins. I got in with Ethereum as a new issue and rode that. Late 2015, I began giving friends bitcoin wallets on their cellphones and $50 (what I originally received) and just told them to wait. They told friends and before long I was heading a small investment club. My phone was blowing up for investment advice. I began making youtube videos with several of my picks and the people that came to me had more and more money. I still respond to text messages all hours of the day and night. It is the fuel that keeps me going. Having a education background in sociology and mathematics, I understand and can predict a lot of human behavior. I think this has always been a key in hype with altcoins. As Kaizen gets bigger, I will be bringing on another person. I have actually begun talking to a jr staffer at a VC firm in San Francisco. The hope is he can start looking at some of these ICO through venture capitalists eyes."
Mr Fischer not only has the international resources (The Uruguay HQ location) but the technical and technological capabilities to see such a plan through. Having worked with mining platforms he is well envisioned and prepared for the security challenges holding a digital fund presents.
"Security is very important. For security reasons I cannot go into all measures, but a few of the precautionary ones are as follows: We tweeted the contract address 2 days prior to the launch in regards to some recent coin hacks. As we aren't 'day trading' the accounts, funds are left offline in paper wallets or hardware wallets. Only 2 people have access to funds. We do not advertise where we are located or even a phone number. There is no reason for anyone to visit or call. We are aware of social engineering attempts and actually have a security specialist coming out a week from tomorrow to go over things and inform us of any weaknesses and what we can do better. One area we do not take lightly."
On the more technological standpoint when asked about the change in token strategy he responded;
"The dividends in the form of KZN coin was actually the original plan. We ran with that in an earlier versions of the whitepaper that was sent out to media, coin listing sites, etc. We scrapped that idea as we are minting a finite number of coins with no coins ever being minted further. This would at some point implode the fund or cause it to buyback tokens at a potential premium. We decided a couple weeks before launch to simply make the quarterly dividend payouts using Ethereum to the wallet address the tokens are in. We will be posting both buys and sells after they complete on the site and most likely facebook. There will be monthly progress checks we make internally as well as an audit every 6 months to account for everything. All of this will be posted on the site whether good or bad."
According to the Kaizen Ico is 19.58% complete and is a day away from completing its Pre-ICO sale.
"We are getting ready to launch some ad campaigns. If target not reached, we will setup a buy wall on one of the exchanges at the price people bought in on and allow people to cash out that no longer want to be involved. Those that do will continue on with us"
Kaizen is not the first crypto fund project and like a lot of Ico's it will be put under a lot of social media scrutiny. I asked Lawrence of any potential problems presented with such a business model?
"I assume you mean a small caliber office like us? Walk into a big chain retail store, then into a small boutique. There is a difference. TAAS fund got to market before us. They are a little bigger. Everyone yelled scam and shitcoin when they started their ICO. They just made their first dividend payment and it was huge. Find me a mutual fund that has a 61% quarterly dividend. We are doing the exact same thing as TAAS, but we have a smaller staff so instead of us keeping 25% profits for ourselves, we keep 5%. I have worked for mutual funds and they could not and would not ever compete with the returns. And that is why sometimes the little guy wins."
So what is stopping lawrence from just running off with the money?
" To be honest, I guess nothing at all physically. People have instilled a trust in us and we plan to reward them with high yields. Over the last few years, I have made more in bitcoin and altcoins that the KaizenCoin is worth, even at the total sellout level. I don't care for flashy things. I still drive a 2014 Toyota Camry. I always thought at this point I was supposed to have a lambo but that really isn't what interests me. If i just one day closed up shop and ran, i'd probably never see my kids/wife again. I am not the type of guy that wants to live life looking over his shoulder either. I like to think I was raised better than that too. In high school I'd go to the movies with all my friends. The plan was to buy one ticket and go from movie to movie once we were inside, theater hop. I always made sure I was the last to buy tickets and i'd buy tickets for all the shows we were planning to see. No one ever checked, my friends never got caught either. I just did it because it was the right thing to do. If I couldn't steal a $4 movie, grand larceny is completely out. I am actually still pondering this question as it is a good question and really should be one I ask before investing in ICO's. I guess whenever a new coin is started, there is hope for a legacy to be built. I don't know if that is the case with me."
In conclusion only time will tell what the Kaizen coin will bring but if this mans words are anything to be believed, Kaizen not only will happen but it may be a force.
I personally will be having a punt and will update here with the results. First dividend is expected in December, will a fool be parted with his money? or will he be rewarded for his intrigue?
*As always, this is not financial advice. Always question the bias of the author and their perspective.
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[Table] IAmA: We are scientists working at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of the World Wide Web! Ask Us (Almost) Anything!

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Date: 2014-06-10
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How much political input/interference is there in your work? Given that so many nations contribute funding, does conflict ever arise in regards to what you can do? There is fortunately no political input/interference in our work, and this is regardless of our origine or anything. What we do is just pure science! (nm)
Does the name Okabe Rintarou ring a bell? SteinsGate, if I am not wrong. But we don't do time machines yet. Ask me again yesterday, if this has changed in five years.
How much hooking up goes on between the scientists at CERN? Please rate on a scale of "Frostier than Elsa's Ice Palace" to "Sexy Cheerleader Camp group cabin" What I can tell is that there is an intense social life at CERN which I would call inbred: the community at CERN is somewhat special ... Long hours spent at the lab, sometime a geeky attitude, does not favor contacts outside CERN ... end result: I know a lot of people who have found their companion within the community. (TC)
Do you guys do anything classified? CERN is an academic environment and we take lots of efforts to publish results, technical designs, etc. We do not do any military research. Therefore, there is few stuff being "classified". Sometimes, there is a period when we keep information internal until we are sure the results are correct. Thus, basically, you find only the "usual" classified stuff at CERN: payslips, medical records of our employees, passwords, financial information.
That and your time machine research. Oh. Yes. But that has been handed over to SERN.
What does it sound like when you turn it on? (Seriously) When we close the LHC after access, the access console beeps. when we send out timing events to synchronise the equipment, we have an announcer that speaks out a line, that recalls what happened.
For the rest, the control room is far from the equipment, so we don't really hear it... but colleagues told me that at the ISR (another accelerator at CERN), they could hear the beam being dumped with a low pitch boom :) (gp)
Would it be technically or bureaucratically difficult to install microphones to record it next year? We have had microphones installed, to listen to the sound of an asynchronous dump on the collimators :) (gp)
What discovery/research should be getting more publicity than it is? We are doing a lot of research which does not get onto the blogs/newspapers: we have published more than 100 scientific papers on major peer reviewed journals.
Such papers are all about measuring the way Nature works at fundamental level. Today this kind of fundamental research can only be carried out in laboratories like CERN and it is our role to exploit such tools to provide mankind with these measurement which could be the basis of the future 'revolution' in understanding the inner workings of Nature. (TC)
What is each of your's favorite work of fiction involving CERN? I personally love the big bang theory. I can offer a free tour of the LHC control room for authors and actors if they come over to Geneva. (gp)
Bruno Arpaia's "Energia del Vuoto' : I have read the original italian not know if it has ever been translated. (TC)
What common misconceptions do people have about your work i.e. black hole makers? What range of qualification and experience do you and your colleagues have? Common misconceptions are the widely advertised black-hole maker thing, but also the fear of us developing new dangerous 'stuff' (the fact that CERN is doing sub- nuclear research adds to the confusion). Another common misconception on the positive side is to think that we might develop the solution to the energy problems of the world. (TC)
What is the most mind-boggling thing you have learned or experienced in your time working there? Diversity of cultures and being able to work with some of the most brilliant minds has been ( and still is after having been at CERN for 28 years) one of the things I consider a unique feature of CERN. (tc)
Do you have any advice for an undergraduate Physics student aspiring to one day work with you at CERN? Sure! Join CERN as a summer student (too late for this year, I fear) but what about 2015? You'll get hands-on at CERN: weeks of lectures in the morning by professionals, hands-on projects within different CERN groups on your favorite subject, and lots of networking and socializing in the evenings. Meet your peers from all over the world. Sign up here.
I'm a physics undergraduate and I'll be making the move to Geneva to work at CERN for a year as a technical student in 2 weeks! I'm extremely excited. Great! That'll be definitely fun! Wheather is sunny 30degC. Hope that stays!
How's the weather over there? (sl)
Im educated in this field nor smart enough to really understand but i'd love to spend a summer there as a 40 year old summer student. Age does not really count. I have just seen a 40yrs old applicant to our Technical Student programme. But you would need to be enlisted with an university...
What is the coolest thing you've ever had the chance to do in your work at CERN (besides smashing particles together, of course)? I love LEGO. When Google came around and was taking footings of the CERN Computer Centre for their Google Streetview, I had a chance to drop a few LEGO minifigs beforehand. Later we made a treasure hunt of it... Was quite fun. If you want to try yourself, go here. If you want to cheat, solutions are here.
How often are you guys able to predict what discoveries you will make? For example, when you found the Higgs Boson there had already been predictions that it would be found at some point in time, as our technology improved. Are there any other examples of less well known, expected, breakthroughs and does the accuracy of these predictions vary from the different areas of research? It is a good question: the way we work is by theorist assembling the information that we , experimentalists, make into models. Such models besides explaining what we have already observed make also predictions which we try to verify ( the HIggs boson is a notable example). In terms of 'how often' this is the most common situation we are dealing in our daily research life.
There are many other questions ( like why there is an obvious asymmetry between matter and antimatter) where the model builders and the experimentalist are trying to bootstrap each other with continous progress in understanding.
And there have been times where experimentalists have surprised the theorists by discovering new particles which nobody had foreseen ( example the tau lepton) (TC)
How close are you to unifying gravity and quantum mechanics? Not very close yet... This is a big area of research, many people are working on it, there have been some progress already but still a lot of work is needed. (nm)
How do you all decide what projects to study and work on? Are you pretty much given free reign? Is it based on budgetary constraints or what could have profitable applications? Is there someone in charge who gets to say "Hey, we should do more research into black holes" or whatever? As theorists, we are free to work on the projects we wish, depending on what we think more interesting or needed. Experimentalists however have also predecided projects to work on depending on the program and preiorities of the collaborations. We also have sometimes common projects between theorists and experimentalists. (nm)
I am a computer science graduate and will complete my masters next year. besides software engineering my other field of interest is physics. what kind of projects do i embrace so i can one day work at CERN with you? Computer science is everywhere at CERN! The massive amounts of data collected by the physics experiment must be filtered, transferred and stored. "Big Data Analytics" is a good start here. High bandwidth networking another. Mass storage (>100PB/year) a third.
Within the CERN openlab we work with third parties on such research --- so if you want to fiddel with hardware come here.
If you love software design, there are lots of opportunities, too: developping applications to run the LHC, to serve our physicist community, etc.
In brief: Make your field of interest a hobby and sign up as a student with CERN! A good master is an excellent start, but hands-on experience you just can get on the job.
I've come to CERN for my master thesis in telecom engineering, as a technical student, I worked on optical links for CMS. I did also my PhD at CERN, in digital microelectronics. now I am hired as an applied physicist and work in the LHC control room. There is a very wide range of options here!
Definitely look at the student programs! (gp)
How strong is the firewall in CERN computer system?Does hacker often try to pringe into CERN sytem? Q: What is the purpose of a firwall? A: To let traffic through. If we don't need to let traffic through, we would cut the cable...
We use a standard firewall configuration to control traffic. As we serve a world-wide community, there are hundreds of computing services open to the Internet: web servers, SSH gateways, Windows Terminal Servers, conference room booking systems, document stores, web mail servers, etc...
Like any other organization worldwide, these are permanently probed for weaknesses. We monitor this activiely and, so far, successful attacks (detected by us ;-) have been rare.
rare. The usual stuff: web site defacements, stealing/collecting credentials, using CERN as a platform to hop further, misusing computing power for Bitcoin mining, ...
Could you give an example of what happened when a hacker succeeded? I can't imagine there's much trouble a hacker could cause for you guys... (sl)
What do you hope to see happen within physics within your lifetimes? Is there a particular piece of the puzzle that you want solved for closure? There are many puzzles! One of the most intriguing ones though is the nature of dark matter. (nm)
What is it like to work at CERN? Schedules, workloads, commutes, social lives, etc? I love working here, the research and the international environment in particular. my schedule is messy when we have beam, as I take shifts in the control room. the rest of the time, it's normal working hours - which sometimes get extended in case of deadlines that come up.
I live, as many others, close by, so commuting is short (10 minutes). this June many of us are doing bike2work - so I biked in today, the weather is beautiful. my personal interests fit in well also. skiing is close by in between Swiss and French Alps, and the Geneva yoga festival is great too.
What are you most excited to see happen in the near future concerning your respective fields of research? I can't wait to see the beam at high energy, early next year. on the accelerator side, we have a few things that might cause issues that we'll have to work on: electron clouds in the beam pipe, Unidentified Falling Objects, beam instabilities, … it'll be fun! (gp)
Finding new particles that could confirm the predictions of the theories I am working on! That will allow us to finally know what is the correct direction to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics! (nm)
Comic Sans. Why Comic Sans? Because "Arial" sucks, doesn't it?
How much does your electric bill average each month? A figure I heard is that we use ~180MW on a good day… most of it taken by the accelerator complex. (gp)
Is there a secret duplicate LHC, like they did for the machine in the movie Contact, in case some crazy-ass incident occurs? No! (nm)
Whats the process of decieding which particles you smash together? do you just take random shit and throw it together or are there scientific reasonings for it? Concerning the LHC, it was designed to do proton-proton, and lead-lead. then we also did proton-lead, and lead-proton, which is less obvious that what it sounds like.
I guess what I want to say is that it depends on the physics goals.
Whats your favorite part out using scientific linux, or worst part? Btw, pretty cool that cern has adopted linux for research! I take the chance to point to this picture… I'm in it and the captions are not 100% true. (gp)
What impact will funding have on future research? Today's fundamental research is based on tools which require investment (that has always been the case , but in the past this funding was at the level of individual research institutes or of national initiative). Today not even 'continental' investment can cope with the needs of fundamental research. So if we want to progress further there will be need of substantial investment. For example in the last 12 months it has been decided to exploit fully the potential of the LHC accelerator :in order to exploit the potential of the improved accelerator we will need improved detectors. These do not come for free ...
So yes, funding will be essential for fully exploiting what the LHC accelerator can tell us ( and that might be a lot ... as there a lot of unaswered questions like what is dark matter, why is our universe made of matter and so on ) (TC)
So, now you have the higgs. what's next? We have to measure all the Higgs properties as precisely as we can! We also have new models to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics and there are active searches ongoing at CERN to look for new particles. (nm)
It seems like lots of students are (appropriately) wowed by CERN and go on to pursue advanced degrees in HEP-ex and HEP-th. Do you think there is a real risk of overcrowding the field? The field has been 'regulating' its market since ever: we have statistics showing that less than 40% of the PHDs formed in CERN experiments remain in the Academic/Research world. The rest find quickly their way into the 'outside' world. The main reasons we have identified for the popularity of our students are : not being afraid of trying to solve problems, no matter how difficult, ability to evolve in a multinational/multicultural environment, ability to work in large teams, being exposed to state of the art software/electronic techniques. (TC)
What would make the LHC look like old tech in the near future? I'm guessing not a "larger" one. And don't forget the newest idea: the FCC (gp)
As the group that helped develop the web, what is your opinion on the current issues of Net Neutrality and the NSA's use of the Internet to spy on citizens of the world? Some personal view: The World Wide Web created 25 years ago at CERN (WWW: “Let’s share What We knoW”) provided a global platform and unique opportunity for people to communicate, to collaborate and to share at unprecedented scale and speed. The accessibility and openness of the internet are crucial to enabling new ideas to flourish and compete with the long-standing traditions and to ensure that the evolution of the web continues to proceed at a pace limited only by our ideas. However, with this capability comes considerable responsibility with all of us – whether politicians, lawmakers, scientists or citizens – to preserve an open internet and a free web for the benefit of humankind.
How close are we towards a GUT? Is their some technical aspect holding us back or is it something else? No, I would say we have to verify the GUT model predictions experimentally at the LHC and there are ongoing searches... (nm)
Stefan Lüders, "Head of Computer Security" Actually, I followed a typical CERN career-by-chance. I am educated physicist, turned into control system engineer, investigated security stances of control systems, and then joined the security team with what I learned. Most of the time, I coordinate implementations, provide guidance, and help people to make their products more secure. It's more facilitating and enabling than hard-core security. However, my team consists of white hats who know the techniques much better than I do :-)
I didn't know CERN hired security experts, what does your job entail mostly? For the supa hacka, I would love to learn how he/she would get world domination by hacking into CERN. Sounds like bad reconnaissance...
Also, a more humorous question... are any of you afraid of being hacked by a "supa hacka" who is aware of your schemes and desire for world domination? John Titor 2014. (sl)
Any advice for a high school student trying to get into physics and particle physics in specific? Study hard and keep your eyes open for scholarships (gp)
How long does a test last? And how long between these tests? At the LHC, from a beam dump to the next stable beams it takes at least 2 hours. then we keep the beams in collisions for up to 10-15 hours. then start over. at the experiments, they pack up data from the collisions for years. (gp)
I'm sure you experience work-related pressures and irritations like the rest of us, but you're doing a very special job. Have you ever had a particularly satisfying moment that reminded you, "this is why I work here?" First turn of the beam in the LHC in 2009 - my fifth day on the job. I looked at my boss and whispered: "thanks for hiring me". (gp)
Is there any concept in physics that you look at and think "what the heck is going on here?" Yes ..all the time when confronted with the subtleties of Quantum Mechanics..and every time I dig into it I keep learning more (TC)
What are some (interesting) questions you can't answer? There are many, and that's why we do research! A few examples: how to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry. Or what is dark matter. Or are there more than 3 quark/lepton families? And many more! (nm)
Please explain what you mean by "dumping the beam when it's depleted". This sounds like something that is required after a jump through hyperspace, and sounds very interesting. The beam gets dumped whenever it is not interesting for physics anymore (and the operators decide to extract it), or whenever anything on the accelerator side goes wrong (and Machine Protection takes care of extracting it automatically).
By means of a special set of magnets, with very fast rise times, the beam gets extracted from the main ring to a special place, the beam dump itself, where it hits a huge block of graphite and scatters its energy.
Last updated: 2014-06-14 10:45 UTC
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[Table] IAmA: I just filmed with my childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger and I produce the #1 Online Cooking Show EpicMealTime… Ask Me Anything!!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-03-04
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Have you ever made schnitzel the centerpiece of an Epic Meal Time? We have never made schnitzel the centerpiece of an EpicMeal. We saved that one for you and we're going to cook it with whoever wins by buying themselves something at Link to And now I'm kind of glad that we never made schnitzel yet!
Who would you most like to eat bacon off of? Hi Katie! Thanks for coming! I'd say Betty White. Slowly eat bacon off of her at first...but then harder and faster all night long.
What happened to Muscles Glasses? MusclesGlasses quit to do something that involves infinitely less bacon.
Did you guys get used to all that Fat and Alcohol? We got fatter and we like all of our drinks straight now. Does that answer the question?
How long are the hangovers after filming and Episode? We film during the day, so the hangover is just a pre-sleep headache.
Hey Harley, how can I convince my parents that cooking bacon in the microwave is inferior? Blind taste test. 2-for-1 special. Subdue your father. Blindfold him and conduct the taste test. Now you've demonstrated your point and also let him know that you are the Alpha of the family now.
After making that video with Arnold, have you started lifting more? No...but I flex my bicep and look down at it while frowning a lot more.
That just a typical week for me. That's just a typical weak.
Have any PETA-like organizations tried to shut you down? If so, how did it go? No. They know not to fuck around.
If you could have any professional wrestler from the past or present on your show right now who would you want and why? And how was it driving in a tank with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger? It was surreal because here I am in this tank and Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving and I couldn't help but notice how my hair is so long it's in a ponytail for the first time in my life...which doesn't sound like a big deal but to me it was weird because in my head I'm thinking "I'm in a tank that Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving...and my hair is in a ponytail...who am I?"
Oh...also Goldust.
If you could get anyone to guest star on EMT who would you have? The President of The United States of America and his family.
How much bacon do you eat every day when you aren't filming for EMT? Also, how did you meet the artist we all know and love as Deadmau5? I eat bacon for breakfast almost everyday. I eat bacon for lunch about 30% of the time. Bacon rarely appears at my dinners but when he's a big deal. Like a slab of uncured bacon on a bun...delicious.
Are the videos bleeped to be more mainstream or because you think it's funnier? The bleep was to be mainstream, then we found it funny. Now it's tradition.
Hey Harley, big fan. I've been following y'all since Tequilla Taco Night and I must say I'm really impressed with how much EMT grew over the years. Great job! Question 1: What's your favorite luxury you've been able to indulge in since making it big on YouTube? Question 2: Your one liners always crack me up in episodes, are they most often improvised or written in advance? If written, how does that process work? Is it just you at a computer, or is the whole team involved? Thanks, keep up the good work! Question 1: I can finally afford a gaming PC Question 2: My one liners used to be written by me entirely. There was a short stint where Tyler would write the overall theme of the episode but even then he didn't write my dialogue or VOs. Now with all the other projects, I need support. I collaborate on the writing with @RobFee on Twiiter or @Hadzilla on Twitter. My buddy @Marlowned wrote a bunch for the latest Arnold video.
How was it being on the show with snoop dogg? And are you going to bring him in? Do you smoke? And finally. If you could pick any place in the world, where would you make the epic meal time show? Snoop is awesome! I would love to. ... We want to go to Africa and feed a village but that's a pipedream. There's so many things that could be taken as politically incorrect or offensive when all we want to do is go down and make something special. We don't even have to film it. We are involved in charities but to go there in person would be hopefully inspiring to our fanbase and maybe mobilize people. But we don't always make the best spokespersons and there's so much room for misinterpretations.
What is your favorite Schwarzenegger film? My favorite Arnold movie is Terminator 2. My favorite Arnold comedy is Kindergarten Cop. My favorite Arnold movie for laughing is Commando (even though it's not comedy) My most watched Arnold movie is Pumping Iron (I watch it Once a Month) My favorite holiday movie from Arnold is Conan The Barbarian (I know it's not a holiday movie, but I always watch it on the holidays).
So what is your all time favorite flavobrand of bacon? Hormel Black Label Bacon. Their Jalapeno Bacon is actually spicy and tasty. Their Cherrywood Bacon is probably the best bacon you can get at your local supermarket. Their thick cut is ridiculously prime. Their ready made bacon is awesome and you can eat it right out of the package. I think my favorite part of Black Label Bacon is they don't look at bacon as a gimmick that is bacon mouthwash or toothpaste. Bacon is meat. The best meat.
A long time ago, I heard that you guys finished all your meals. Do you still manage to eat all of it? No. Our meals are way too large now. We have given leftovers to soup kitchens many times. We also will slice up the not contaminated parts and refrigerate them for future consumption. Sometimes we find ourselves sharing a house for a while and it's not uncommon to have meat and whatnot leftover from previous Epic Meals. Sometimes the meal is just not salvageable.
If we met. Could we rub beards? Yes. But too sudden of a move and we end up fighting.
Do people often point out to you that the content/funniness of EMT has dropped off in the past year? How do you respond to the haters? When y'all cook with celebrities, do they reach out to you, or is it the other way around? I really enjoy your channel! People always point that out. They've actually been doing it since episode 3. It must have been not even our tenth episode (we're on 250 now) that people claimed we jumped the shark and we're done now. I decided long ago that we make the show with what we find funny and we still find it funny. That being said...when it's a bad episode, we know it. We still upload it though because we have a commitment and those things could push us harder. We've had celebrities like Deadmau5 and Simon Cowell reach out to us. But then it's me reaching out to Rob Van Damme.
Why did you grow a beard the size of the rest of your body? It's sweet as fuck, but I wonder why. It was initially the physical manifestation of my laziness and coincidentally enough I found myself at the forefront of this Beard Movement. I never though much of it. I just did it because I though it was badass yo! Now I have a responsibility. I just wanted to grow a beard and now I'm part of this culture and the weight of duty hangs from my face like a constant reminder.
Is your doctor a fan of EMT? I don't even see him. We don't want to look at each other.
What happened to GabeN's AMA? Also, nice beard! Gaben? He's here on Reddit today?!! I'm fucking excited for that AMA!!! I want him on EpicMealTime so bad.
Best tasting thing you've ever made on EMT? We made our own McRib...It wasn't an Epic was a Handle-It (where we show people how to make realistic meals) and we taught how to make a mcrib and it was incredible!!!
Ok, how much does a "Youtuber" make? 1 million dollars.
What's that in Youtube money? A dozen bitcoins or so.
I just wanted to stop by and say the last two episodes were a-ma-zing. I love that you did an episode with the Trailer Park Boys, have you ever considered collaborating with Deaner and Terry from Fubar? That would be my drunk Canadian trifecta. That would be hilarious!! Canada is hilarious. I would love Rob Ford on an episode.
How often do people ask to touch your beard, and how often do you use it to pick-up women? It's usually a younger boy or girl that is bold enough to ask to touch the beard which is strange. I don't want to tell the kid no, but I also don't want a kid touching me. I don't use the beard to pick-up women. It does it itself... let me explain: If you normally attract a certain type of girl, when you grow a large beard...a whole new type comes out of the woodwork and starts being interested. I assume this could be the same with tattoos and piercings.
Pussy or bacon? A pig's pussy.
What do you do on days you aren't filming? Play videogames and jerk off.
Are there any sneak peaks you can give us for VGHS season 3? :D Yes. I'm not in the 1st episode. I know this because I read that script and my name wasn't there. Also, there will be guns.
What do you normally feel like after eating one of those epic meals? 95% of the time I feel bad. I mean it's not so much the food itself but when we eat on camera there's a lot of pageantry when consuming. Before you know it you ate 3 burgers in 15 seconds.
What's up Harley? Not much. How about you?
When are we going to hang out and play video games? Halo or Battlefield?
What is the next step for Epic Meal Time? I remember talks about you creating a TV show. We are making a TV show now for A&E!!!
So when are you going to film with The Lonely Island and Jenna Marbles and make a millionaires of YouTube themed episode? I'm assuming you all live in LA now, so its gotta be plausible right? I'm not a millionaire. There's a huge difference between owning something and cash in your pocket. That being said...I'm ready whenever they call.
Who is one celebrity you would have a smoke session with? You are a stoner model man. You make the dankest munchies for a living. Much love for you man. Keep doing what you're doing. Also, /trees loves you. I love /trees... Bill Murray please.
What would you tell a new youtuber, to help them keep doing what they're doing and be better at it? That's a case by case. Now I'm 28 years old, so I am not the demo of a lot of YouTubers out there. But put a link up and I'll give you straight forward criticism. But keep in mind I may not be your demo.
A-WHATUP HARLEY! I love you and your beard! Seriously though, what was your favorite epic meal.. to eat or make? And also, I got a &baconstrip shirt so that I could give you some YOUTUBE MONEY! I appreciate the support. 84 Egg Sandwich!!!
Long time EMT fan! At what point did you guys realise you were "making it" and could quit your "normal" jobs and spend time having fun eating bacon? I quit before I 'made it'. But only last year was I able to hire my buddies and have them quit their jobs.
Who has encouraged you the most throughout your comedy career? My buddy Marlon and his wife. My brother and business partner. My parents. The biggest push comes from people that stand to make a profit off of me doing these things. So management and agency push hard for opportunities and stuff like that.
There is a set of coordinates in your Twitter profile description for a location in Montreal, which I presume is Epic Meal Time HQ. What would happen if someone were to hypothetically show up unannounced at this location? It's a random place!! I don't know where the heck that is. It's close to my house but not that close. It's weird.
Do you prefer "doe", "tho", "though" or "dough"? Should I draft Chris Davis, Ryan Braun or Adam Jones in the first round of my fantasy baseball draft this week? How much do white girls like nutella? BTW PKA 122 with Epic Meal Time last year was the GOAT. I prefer 'though' You're insane. You shouldn't pick any of those players. (Chris Davis though if you have no choice) They like nutella HELLA Thank you!!!
Whats your favorite kinda beer? I like Canadian Beers. But I'm in LA now so I get Bud Light Platinum. 6.1% Awhattup!!
Do you have a girlfriend? Where do you like to dripp that sauce of yours after you are done stuffing the love taco with your sausage? How much have you gained in weight since the start of EMT? HAHA!! THE HUMOR!!! I appreciate you brotha!
Are you thinking of starting to cut soon after this hell of a bulk you have accomplished? I don't cut.
What's the best smelling thing you've cooked on the channel? Always has been Candy Bacon. Perfect blend of sweet and savory.
What's your opinion on bacon? Not enough.
What WWE Legend would you like to have join you on Epic Meal Time? Goldust.
Yo Sauce Boss, Can I work for you? ;D. What are your skills?
Hey Harley. Whenever I'm feeling gluttonous, I watch one of your episodes on Youtube. Thanks! Between Betty Crocker and Paula Dean, who would win in a fight and how? Betty Crocker because she ain't racist!
Aside from getting fucked up on Jack Daniels and seeing what happens, what's the filming process like? How far out in advance do you plan meals? How long do you spend on the edit? What are you guys shooting on? Would you come to Edmonton and make a meal in a blizzard? It takes time to make a meal. We are about 4 episodes ahead and it takes 20 hours to fully complete one.
How have the friendships in the EMT group been affected by gaining so much popularity? I've noticed that a few of the guys are no longer on the show, and there doesn't seem to be any explanation :( Thanks for all the entertainment! There's a lot of egos at play here. At the end of the day, everything is my call. So sometimes people feel that I'm not making the right calls and they feel differently. So they leave. But then they have a bitterness towards me for not doing it their way.
Any regrets in the youtube business you have? No Master Yoda. I did and currently do what I want.
Yo! Who is more alpha; Arnold in his prime, OR, You with a sick beard cooking up some bacon? Always Arnold.
1.) First, when I first saw Epic Meal Time, I thought "This is awesome! What if they combined this with Iron Chef?" I'm not saying you stole the idea from me because, well, how COULD you? But, who or what DID inspire you to create Epic Chef? 2.) How many fish can you name? I saw all these TV shows being all like "Oh we use so much bacon! We're so edgy!!" and I felt it was encroaching on my brand. So i though I should take a stab at their shows.
What is the weirdest thing you have done with bacon? Wrapped my penis with it.
From a fellow beard lover, how do you take care of yours? Touch it non-stop. I'm a pretty abusive beard owner. I constantly touch it and pull it and fuck it.
Shit, Ive never been to an AMA this early. If you weren't doing YouTube, what do you think you would be doing? Going to auditions and teaching and filming wedding videos.
I have followed your youtube rise to fame since the beginning but so far my favorite Harley Morenstein moment was when you joined the crew of VGHS. I have two quick questions How was your experience with the crew of VGHS?, and Is there anything that would ever make you want to shave your beard? I love working with Freddie. He's a genius. If you ever thought I was funny in VGHS it's probably because Matt Arnold directed me funny. 1 million dollars.
I hope I'm not too late. Have you or will you plan on doing an EMT episode at a high end restaurant such as eating a ton of french food and sushi where instead of people freaking out over calories but of the bill instead? We want to do something super high end and then blend it and spread it on toast.
Hey Harley! Big fan here, what has been your favorite meal that you have ever created? And what is your all time favorite "next time we eat..." line at the end of the show? My favorite next times are so intense we don't use them. I love the 84 egg sandwich.
What's the most memorable meal you guys have done on EMT? (IMO The most epic was and still is the one with the quail inside a hen inside a turkey inside a pig). I agree. When we connected ten of those in Turbaconepicentipeded that was wild.
Do you plan on doing another round of Epic Chef? (That was awesome). Yes. If the timing works out. We're doing a tv show now.
Is there any meal that has grossed you out? If so; What was it? Fuck Turtle Soup!
Can I marry you? Also, do you love your job more and more everyday or has it lost it's luster? I love my job! I can learn to love you.
How do you guys stay healthy? I know Arnie's taken good care of himself over the years, but what about you young whipper snappers? I guys eat a lot of bacon! Arnold is sooo much healthier than us!
Would you consider having fans on the show...please? That's what the Arnold video was about!
As a Montreal-born Canadian living abroad in the US, I'd just like to tell you that you are one of my heroes. Breakfast of Booze is an all-time favorite short video of mine. 1) What was, to you, the most delicious meal you have cooked featured on an episode of EMT? 2) Possibly related to number 2, but what was your all-time favorite episode to shoot? 3) Any improvements to this recipe that you can suggest? 1) 84 Egg Sandwich 2) Cooking with Arnold 3) add pecans!
Does EMT use any partnership network? If so what are the benefits. Collective Digital Studios. They pitched and sold 16 episodes of EMT to A&E. They financed Epic Chef and they provide me with resources and bring brands to me to work with.
Honestly, how did the "Steak and Egger" taste and when is the best time to eat one? The best time is to eat one with Arnold. It tasted awesome. No joke I loved it.
How do your old students feel now that you're an alcoholic internet celebrity? Nobody believes them when they say it.
Where did the idea for the show come from? Drugs.
You guys are Canadian.. ever been to Victoria? or only the east coast? we have some epic eateries. I have family in Vancouver. Been there a whole bunch!
If you could take one part of your body and replace it with Schwarzeneggers' what would it be, and why? The hand. For Epic handshakes.
Do Ostrich eggs taste just like chicken eggs or is there a funky taste? There's a slight difference. I'd rather a dozen eggs than an ostrich egg.
After so many episodes, how do you keep fresh? I dont. Im disgusting.
Is co-creator Sterling Toth still involved with Epic Meal Time? No. He had been gone since within the first 6 months. The first casualty of my friendships with people involved in the business.
How often do you visit reddit and how good are your redditing skills? I'm here always, every day. My skills are shit. But I'm constantly practicing.
I've actually sent you a challenge at some point last year. You never got back to me, it was on one of the "Epic Meal Time" video comments section. But whatever, I understand your a busy man. My question is... What the worst diagnosis you or any of your cast has got from a doctor since you started the show? The doctor said we're fat. That's all. That's pretty bad though.
Hey Harley, been a fan since the beginning... just a quick question: how many pigs do you think you have eaten over the years? To myself 12. To EMT all together? 350.
Sorry but this is the question that needs to be asked at every AMA the lifelong question: Ass or Tits? Does the ass consist of the vagina?
You say your internet name is Harley Morenstein, is that not your real name? When did I say that haha?!
Mr Schwarzenegger, you are my bodybuilding idol and my friends and I have seen pretty much every one of your films... But I cannot express how disappointed I am that both you and Epic Meal Time chose to make a sandwich and not call it "The Arnie Sarnie". We still have another vid to I thought the Steak N Egger was pretty clever.
Easy. Kaiserschmarrn. Just googled it. Sounds like it was made to be paired with Candy Bacon!
Hi Harley, You used to work at my summer camp when I was young. You brought pizza to my cabin and I just wanted to thank you :) Cool! Which camp? Why did I do that?
Hey Harley, would you ever go back on Painkiller Already, you were awesome! Tell Woody to put me on!
Muscles Glasses on Halloween. Yup!
Oh shit, wow, the first time I catch an AMA in the making. I fucking love EMT and have tried to recreate some of the recepies! No real question, you are fucking cool as hell and I'm a big fan of EpicMealTime. That's awesome!!! You're awesome. I appreciate that.
What's a Canadian stereotype that you are guilty of doing. I say 'eh' constantly and apologize a lot.
Just wanted to say that you have inspired my friends and I to remake our 7 favorite episodes during senior week and we will be sure to show you how everything turns out. Tweet that at me @HarleyPlays!!!
Do another Hardee's commercial, I fucking dare you. I wish!!
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[Table] IAmA: Hi, I'm rob. I wrote ANIMAL FRIENDS: FLOATING ORANGE CUBES. 6 copies sold worldwide. AMA

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Date: 2014-02-23
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Questions Answers
My name is rob also. upvoted. EDIT holy shit. almost 2,000 upvotes for stating my name? damn. Your username... I... we need to be friends.
You're probably in your 30's. Im only 16. whispers"we'll make this work"" WE'RE GUNA MAKE IT AFTERALLL.
There's no way he gets that reference. Corn on the rob knows all.
He's gonna need to learn some Moore. More more moore.
In the midnight hour. I can feeel your power.
How do you like it? How do you like it?
Amazon says your book is in stock but requires one or day extra days to process. Are you drawing each one as it is ordered? Jk, it must be a lot of work to get to this point and I applaud you! Hehe, nah I don't draw any of it. Some company in Melbourne is managing it. I don't know... But I will say, all artwork was done by the kids at St Dominic's school for hearing impaired kids... some cool art.
That's pretty fucked up you're taking advantage of retarded kids to draw your books in some weird Dominican labor factory. Well, I am a bastard :/
You are Jon Snow? I wish I was that handsome motherfucker... sadly no... I'm rob.
I wouldn't attend any weddings... Edit: seriously people? Spoiler complaints? The book has been out for 14 years and the series has covered the event now. Get over it. Edit#2: For the record you would have needed prior knowledge for my innocuous comment to spoil anything. I know. I try.
Well I mean that's still cool. You seem like a pretty nice guy judging from this AMA. And about those little fishies that are swimming in the sea, do they dream of what it would be like to live on land with you and me?
I wonder if we get enough people summoning Here_Comes_The_King Snoop would rap your book for us? U/Here_Comes_The_King you have my blessings 100% to rap any of my stories ANYTIME... Here's one I made that rhymes if that helps.
The floating orange cubes send their regards. Haha :) I don't know why, but this made me piss myself laughing :D.
God damn it that was beautiful. Magine if snoop rapped it! Would make it a masterpiece!
I'm imagining the beat to "Drop it like it's hot" perhaps add a hook, female vocals, "Sweet sweet dreams.. baby Noah" Hehe. shit I hope this happens. where are you Here_Comes_The_King ??
Why did this make my eyes wet. I need to harden up. There's nothing more hard than a man who cries... I think The Rock said that...
Your book has only sold 6 copies and it has got 3 reviews on Amazon. Are the reviewers on Amazon your friends or your family who just bought the book to show their support ? They are. So really... I should say... ZERO copies sold to people I don't know...
two of those people seem to want to sell it, there are two "used, like new" listings. Shame on you robs friends. Yeh, fuck them :) actually might even be the distributor just trying to get rid of copies... like a $2 bin of books...
Just letting you know.. Assuming NO ONE else has purchased your book... You have now sold one to someone you don't know. My copy should arrive on the 27th :) Holy fucking shit thank you!!! Who are you? I want to know you!
It's probably bots. Especially with the price just a bit higher, they probably just order the books on-demand if someone buys it. That would be more likely yes...
Just a guy on the internet from the great city of Chicago in the United States. :) Batman?
Proof of purchase :p. I don't have the balls to be batman. But I'll happily read your book :) Woah fuck me. that is nuts... Link to
Alright, no getting out of this one, you have to marry a male celebrity (not necessarily have to consummate the marriage, your decision). You must stay in this marriage for 5 years, after which you receive 10 million dollars. You can not decide not to do this or choose death; neither is an option. Which male celebrity would you have a bromance? How would you spend the money? Would you remain friends after the divorce or cry in the shower where people can't hear you? Easy. Leonardo DiCaprio. I would do that anyway. Dudes a legend. 10/10 would consumate... Afterwards, I divide the money up between my family members and go to fiji...
Titanic Leo, or Wolf of Wall street Leo? You said your safe word is Wolfy. Might get messy. Either would be acceptable.
Gilbert Grape Leo? Why is this even a question??? OF COURSE GGL!
What in the world is going on in this thread? It's like everyone popped a ton of molly before hand. What does 'ton of molly' mean? :)
Like a bunch of X. Brb. googling 'bunch of X'
Drugs. Where?
As in copious amounts of MDMA. Does that have PCP in it? :D.
Not usually, no. Sorry to disappoint? Brb. adding PCP to MDMA to see what happens.
Do you like trains? I love trains... when I travel on them, I pretend I am travelling to Hogwarts.
Link to I like free rides :D but I don't think they will have me :/
They said they'll take anyone. Even a blogger. I... I didn't read it completely... you got me... BUt I will check it out :)
After the AMA, how many have you sold? I will let you know... someone just told me they grabbed a kindle version, so... pretty stoked about that...
Fastest reply ever. So 7 sold? 1 to a stranger :D.
Thats a 4.99$ profit! HAHA! :) really properly laughing right now.
Wait until you do the math and figure out your hourly rate... Oh God Why.
So what do you plan on doing with the money? Giving it all away... ps. I don't do this for money... and am still epicly in the red for my troubles :\)
Why did you do it then? I mean, publish the book and all. I like telling stories is all...
Favourite kind of cheese? Blue cheese. Cheese and mould just go together so beautifully... I also love cheese cake.
time in my life that someone has replied to my comment on an AMA. Link to
But Rob, isn't cheese a mold in itself? :0
What? Our great big are Reddit family didn't support you? Oh no. you guys did. you guys did indeed! what I mean is... take a sample of say 10,000 people in Australia... one question: Do you know this guy? results: no one...
Oh. Well I'm not in Australia so sorry about that. Good luck on your book though! Thanks man. You are most kind... And may I too, also wish you the best with your creative endeavours... whatever they may be... what are they btw?
Dude! You're talking about a place with scorpions and crocodiles and koala bears! Nobody's heard of anyone because they're too busy fighting for their life with swords and bows and eucalyptus leaves! This is true... except Koala bears... I love those guys... have one as a butler in fact :)
With all this success, do you find your life changing. Like are you able to order McDoubles at McDonalds now instead of just a normal burger? Haha. iv moved up in the world. I only go to McCafe now...
Wow... That's truly impressive. Congratulations OP, you're a successful celebrity! Look at me dad! I'm just like James Bond :D.
I also hear karma is worth a lot as well. You may be set for life soon OP. I'm guna cash in HARD.
What's your book about? These birds attack a village of Cicadas (For no reason... just being the dicks that they are) and then, the Cicadas travel through a television screen somehow, and come out the other side falling from the sky and shit all over said birds... There's a bit of a struggle for territory scenario happening for while, indicative of what many cultures have experienced through history... Then there is peace... or is there?? read to find out :D
BirdsBeingDicks. Haha. fuckn birds. thank you for this. I will now become a subscriber and enjoy hours of laughs thanks to you /Fluffy017.
Like, literally shit on them? How do you translate this to childrens book? Through the magic of words :D I don't know... that was just the tl;dr of the book...
You just linked to the subreddit Fluffy017 NOT to the user. You damn fool, Rob. Fuck. I am such a dickhead :/
Anytime, bro. I'm always down to support a fellow author :) Also if you like that sub, you might also like its cousin, /birdswitharms. And /animalswithoutnecks too... I do NOT have a problem >.> Link to
fuck. I a such a dickhead :/ on an AMA for a childrens book.. 10/10. Hey, just callin it like it is :)
Interesting choice. do you fear mel gibson would be an abusive lover? and would justin be gentle or rough? Any man with the name Mel would be a gentle lover... Justin... he won't get a say in the level of roughness...
(´・_・`) Don't hate the player hate the game :p.
Most def does, how much would you charge for a signed copy sent all the way to Norway? PM me your address. If you make a YouTube video of you reading it, pretending to be all excited and shit, you can have it for free :)
No really, I'll fucking do it. I will sign it...
Obviously you'll have to sign it to your very best friend, since we're best friends now, right? "To my fucking amazingest best friend in the universe."
I'll add you to my friends list on reddit, so yes - we are. Wait, GOLD?
We are planning to do dramatic readings of books, often taking completely appropriate passages and making them sound inappropriate (weighing of the wands in Harry Potter for example). We definitely plan on doing yours now :D And put in a special word for how awesome you are! Firstly, that is incredibly incredible. Harry Potter is definitely the classic of classics... secondly, can you make a video of this happening?? :D.
DONE! Next time you're in Norway a beer is on me. You'll thank me when you realize how expensive beer is up here. You know what... I might even be there in a few months to take you up on that :)
Do it, will be amazeballs! 10/10 happening.
Oh. My. God. I would just like to say that you are my favourite author. JK Rowling is a piss-stain compared to your level of literature. Is there any way you could share your secret? Or could I at least get a copy of your bestseller signed? THANK YOU! I don't even care that you're joking... That made me feel all types of nawws. Thank you GrandmaTaco. You have made me smile :) I will share my secret with you... And that secret is... Tear shit up.
I actually only just read the Amazon link. Is it true that it is illustrated by hearing-impared children? If so, keep up the awesome work! It is indeed. Was so much fun getting the kids involved. There are some scenes that I needed illustrated that had animals pooing on other animals... the kids really dug drawing those ones :) lesson: kids love poo in stories.
That is Fucking awesome. You said I put a smile on your face, now you have put one on mine. The way humanity should be.
I'm 30 years old and I LOVE poo in stories. I'm 31. Can confirm: Poo in stories NEVER gets old :)
Do you have a day job? What is it? Also, tell us your best non-generic joke. Yeh. I work in digital marketing... 9 to 5 type deal... ends up usually being 8 to 6 or 7 :/ How do you catch a rabbit? lay real low in the grass and make noises like a carrot... gets me everytime... even when I was just writing it right now :)
I actually giggle out loud! (At the joke, not your job!!) Happy to help :)
What is your favourite movie of all time? This is an easy one. THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Favourite scene probs when Andy Dufresne listens to the music with the doors locked, not giving ANY fucks... What about you man? Wait... your username... are we pals already???
I love Shawshank, an amazing movie and that's my favourite scene from it too! Second favourite scene...
So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit Just absolutely brilliant! Oh shit! The whole film is just fucking perfect! :D.
It is! You seem pretty cool. I hope your book sells well :D. Thanks man. Either way... My dream is for me to die horrifically and then sales go through the roof!
Just go mad and cut your ear off like Van Gogh... Van Bro.
Hi my name's Jake. I'm canadian and I'm your new friend. Want to watch the swedes get their asses whooped at hockey in a few hours? I am definitely staying up to watch this! Fuck yeh! GO CANADA EY!
YES!!! This is the best. Converted another one! We can IM during the game if you'd like. Ok. lock me in. what time exactly??
The game is at 4am my time. It's currently 1:13am. Ah. You're on the east coast?
Can... Can you take my girlfriend and me to the aquarium? Shes been wanting to go for ages but Im too much of a disorganised anus. You may think I am joking here, but I will 100% do this. we talkin Syd?
Favorite kind of jam? There could be only one answer
You had me laughing for a good bit there! But seriously, what is your favorite marmelade flavor? I need it for my researches! Probs have to go with the classic... orange marmalade... That's one of them yeh?
"Maaad" is this a common saying between Aussies? I only ask because I have seen way to many MightyCarMods videos... I think it is. I only know a handful of Aussies... Also, what is MightyCarMods? car show?
They do diy car mods and things on the YouTubes. They make me giggle. I like to laugh... will check this out :) thanks.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much wood as a woodchuck could.
If a woodchuck could chuck wood? )
What is it that makes Australia such an awesome country? I love this country because: Health care is pretty sweet, there are no major wars going on, the sports are great, you can go surfing in almost every town, and basically everyone is someone I'd like to have a beer with. You should come say gday :)
Are there any minor wars? There's always bullying, drug problems and injustices... but on the scale of none to Venezuela... we are closer to none...
I'm from Winnipeg, Canada, but have lived near San Francisco since 1994. Sorry, I'm not a chess player. Or an online player of anything at all. How would I be able to order an autographed copy of your new book? :D. PM your deets. I'll get you one if you video yourself reading it and jumping for joy :D Who did you go for in the Canada V USA hockey game in the Winter Olympics???
Canada all the way!!! My oldest son is going to tape tomorrows game, because it's happening at 4 a.m. here. I'm going to head over to his place at 10 and we'll watch it together, fast forwarding through the intermissions. Go Canada go!!! Hehe, I would fervently support your plight... but since I am Australian...
Link to
Just let me know if I'm interrupting you guys. Carry on.
What is your safe word? Wolfy.
Oh. )
Whats your DEEPEST darkest secret?! or Family secret? or do you like cats? I love cats. My deepest secrets wow... Um... I really dig older women... like. a lot older :/
GMILF's all the way. Thanks for not upvoting the shit outa that one guys. IOU.
What is your favorite book? That's a tough one... mainly because I don't read that often... I really really really like The Dark Tower series... mainly because it just gets weird (weird is essential)... but there are some dull bits...
Got any cool plans this upcoming week? Guna be working mainly. But huge week this week. Huge week. First episode of the new season of Survivor is happening. I fucking love that shit. So, there's that... How about you canitouchyourtouchie?? where do you live and such? what do you do?
57 cents off? What a deal! Also, this is one of the better AMAs I've read. You seem like an awesome person with an awesome attitude on life. You tell the stories that need to be told. That is an extremely nice thing to say. Thank you changelifetoday. If you ever need a friend, you have one in me.
Sup rob? What are you thinking about? If I don't get an answer I'm gonna be so mad. I'm on the couch with my laptop... Survivor: Gabon rerun on the tv... I'm thinking about the tacos I had for dinner. lishuss. What are YOU thinking about jacqui_ ??
What are your views on New Zealand? I saw you were Australian.. I don't despise NZ (contrary to most). Have been there a few times and dig it... The LOTR tour is still on my bucketlist... why do you ask?
Awesome :D I was over in Brisbane the other week visiting. SOOO DAMN HOT!! I was actually talking to a guy last night who went on the Hobbiton tour and you actually can visit the pub and the give you free beer. FREE BEER?? WWOW...
Nah no real reason for asking to be honest. Kinda seems to be the go to thing for down in this parts of the world sometimes haha. I was going to ask your views on the new Aus Prime Minister? I haven't really followed things over there too much, but hear he has mixed reviews.. I try and steer clear of politics (unlike a vast majority of my Facebook friends). My feelings are, unless I actively support a cause or movement, I probs shouldn't talk as if I know the whole situation...
EDIT: Hobbiton spelling. You dig?
How stoned are you right now? But seriously, you're my fav ama so far, ive read pretty much the whole thing. Keep it up. I haven't been stoned in ages... dammit... Thank you indeed :) where are you in the world? watching the hockey final later? I mean now... shit.
Got your book on kindle (sorry, I don't really like print media). Just read the first two pages, but the bit about Abby thinking the flies should prepare to die made me literally laugh out loud. I hope you sell a million copies and become famous and write more books about insect-murdering children. Um...question: At what point did you decide your book was finished and ready for public consumption? And do you have any advice on writing "funny"? Thaaanks :) Shit! You paid money... THANK YOU. I... to answer your question... It helped to kind of set a release date and just work to that... letting go of it when it was done was just awesome... so many edits... Writing funny... I'm probably not the best person to comment on that one... people who think they are funny, usually are not funny... So, I don't think I'm funny... So that means I'm funny right? :/
Shameless plug: Melbourne's lowest selling sunglasses company! Discount code for Reddit? DOGEFTW. I wish you all the best with this man. You got to follow your dreams... It will happen for you if it's what you love...
I am currently working on my AA in English Literature, I want to be an author. I mostly do short stories, and hope to publish a compilation someday. What authors have most influenced your work? As someone whos story has been published but not successful, do you feel any sort of resentment towards anyone for that? Readers, publishers, etc? How hard was it to get published? Wow. You must be way more smarts than I am... I think anyone who tries to be weird influences me... authors, musicians, tv & film creators, teachers, people grinding out a 9 to 5... if you're putting your mark on what you do... I respect that...I don't feel any resentment to anyone... I am self-published... it wasn't hard... Answer your Q's friend? I hope your writing goes well. Message me when you are ready and I will check out your stuff...
What the hell, man. You could have mentioned you have a trailer. Yes, there's that too :D.
If we all left amazing reviews on the Amazon page, do you think this would help boost sales? I think yes. that would be cool. PS. ur username... I think I wana be your friend.
Hi rob! Do you know about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or dogecoin? Would you consider accepting dogecoin for your books? I accept Bitcoins on my website :) google 'Kids Author' to find me... there's 2 books in my Bitcoin Only book store :)
You look stoned in the AMA image. You a pot head? No why? You sellin? Maybe.
Ok, you seem to be the very chill, very active AMA creator, so I will ask you two questions. 1: What colour is your toothbrush? 2: Which part of a blowjob would you personally prefer to give to another man: the first 99%, or the last 1%? Orange.
I'll give 100%. Just the kinda guy I am ;)
Whereabouts in Melbourne are you from? I'm actually up in Newcastle... will be down there in a few weeks if you wana have a beer or something.
Ah funny that! I will be in Newcastle around end of this year :) I'll have to check my busy schedule! Haha. Lets do it :)
I imagine this is what J.D. Salinger would be like if he were an extrovert. Now for my question: what direction does the water spin when you flush the toilet in Australia? Hold on. I'll check...
Anti Clockwise.
6 copies sold worldwide... Did you sell 1 copy on each continent? Not exactly... was more like one on each family member :/ Oh. And I bought one...
Hi rob. Just wondering why your name isn't capitalised? I consider myself a sub-human... not as important as other rob's. you dig? :)
Would said message declare undying love for me? Link to
You just inspired me to write the book I've had on my mind for 30 years. I mean, if this Rob guy can do it, why can't I? That's exactly right! do it man :) And send me a link when you're done so I can check it out...
Hey Rob, I really want to buy your book and I live near Melbourne but everywhere wants $20+ for shipping which is crazy. Is there a local way to get the book? Free shipping here my friend :) Link to
Yes! I'm doing quite well now. How are you? Not too bad indeed :) what are you up to???
Do you know where I am? :D.
Potato? Potato.
I just wanted to say that I purchased the kindle edition and the people at work tomorrow are going to get a dramatic reading from it. Holy shit! thanks. hey can... can you make a video of that happening? That would be maaad!
Yeah I should be able to do that for you. Ill send you a youtube link of it when i get it done. This is fucking excellent :) I can't wait!!!
just so that there is a question in this, in april I'm going to Australia (Melbourne and then Sydney) for 3 weeks, what the fuck should I do there since I haven't been in 12 years. Sydney... Red Oak Boutique Beer Cafe is cool... PLUS the aquarium. fuckn love aquariums... you can snorkel places too... look me up. I'll take you...
You are super friendly! I cant work out if it's creepy or not. Defs creepy. Brb. Browsing your submitted history :P.
:) You're gonna be sorely disappointed. No no. wana be friends and stuff? :)
Took mah bitch there today. Edit: tickets are $28 online so grab em there. When are we all going???
I almost need this in my collection. Almost counts right? :)
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